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LinnLinn (Lirah Bermudez) by AsianBunnyZ7 LinnLinn (Lirah Bermudez) :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 1 3 Original Heart Ring by AsianBunnyZ7 Original Heart Ring :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 3 1 Heart Ring Conte by AsianBunnyZ7 Heart Ring Conte :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 1 4 Practicing Realism Fail by AsianBunnyZ7 Practicing Realism Fail :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 0 0 Practice With Realism Sketch by AsianBunnyZ7 Practice With Realism Sketch :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 0 0 Part of Your World by AsianBunnyZ7 Part of Your World :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 1 0 Down to Earth (Visuals) Sketch by AsianBunnyZ7 Down to Earth (Visuals) Sketch :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 0 0 Porceline Doll Drawing Grayscale Shading by AsianBunnyZ7 Porceline Doll Drawing Grayscale Shading :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 0 0
Blossoming Love Chpt 2 -KXL-
I woke up early the next morning and when I woke up, it felt as if I was missing something... or somethings. I couldn't quite get what it was. It was really bugging me as I got out of bed and got myself cleaned up.
While eating breakfast, someone knocked on my door. It startled me because I wasn't really used to having a visitor at my door passed six o'clock. I walked over to the door and opened it up. It was Mayor Rutger.
"Good Morning Mayor." I greeted him. "Would you like to come inside?"
"Good Morning, no it's okay. I actually want to show you something outside. I think you'd be surprised." Surprised? For what? Whatever it was, I got on my shoes and followed Rutger to the front of my house. There, I saw a full grown cow and a full grown chicken on my left. On my right, there was my uncle's cart and Bright. Then I realized what I was missing, it was Bright and the rest of my things.
"Lillian, I'd like you to meet Jessica, she's the owner of the livestock store here in Bluebell" Rutg
:iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 1 3
Smile, because that's all you've got
To keep you going everyday
To make the others around you
and all the ones that you love, stay
Smile, because it makes the world go round
Even if you're feeling down
It shouldn't bring you sadness
Otherwise, it will make others frown
Smile, because there's a bright future ahead
There is so much more to see
Nothing should ever go wrong
Because a smile can make will make you free
Smile, no matter where you are
Through the darkest of days
And the coldest of nights
You'll be like the sun with it's rays
Smile, because that's all you've got
To keep you going everyday
To be happy about the bright future ahead
The past full of hurt, will go away
:iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 1 0
Blossoming Love Chpt 1 -KxL-
"Hey, are you okay?"
"I think we should bring her to your town's clinic."
Voices... I hear voices. One male and one female. The female one sounded really familiar but I couldn't quite get who it was. I opened my eyes slowly. Before me, there were two figures. It was blurry at first but as soon as I sat up and rubbed my eyes I saw a familiar face.
"Mayor Ina?" My voice was quieter than usual.
She had this relief expression on her face. "Glad to hear that you still remember me." She grinned. Ina was the mayor of Konohana. Ever since I was little, she was like my second mother. Though she would sometimes show her really strict side, I really admired her. I helped myself off the ground and dusted off dirt off my pants. Beside Ina was an older man with a green boudler hat, holding a staff like cane with a horseshoe on it.
"You must be the new farmer!" He exclaimed. "I will gladly introduce myself. My name is Rutger and I am the mayor of Bluebell." For the first time ever, I've finally met t
:iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 2 8
Blossoming Love Prologue -KxL-
It has been already a few months since I replied to Kana about moving back to Konohana. I moved at the age of seven to the city from Konohana. Eleven years had passed and my childhood friend Kana has been keeping in touch with me ever since. I missed the essence of Konohana with all it's festivities, but it's rivalry with Bluebell, the neighboring town was getting too irritating. But what could I do? It's been like this for so many years, even my ancestors experienced it.
"Honey! Are you ready to go?" I heard my father calling me from downstairs. I just finished placing the rest of my things in my luggage.
"Yeah!" I yelled back as I carried my luggage off my bed. It looked so empty. My room that used to be filled with animal pictures and flower lanterns is all but empty now. I had to sell majority of my things now that I'm starting a new life in a small town. I was really going to miss the city now. Where there are lots of people roaming around, vehicles drivng up and down the streets,
:iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 1 3
A.H.C: Cowboy Hat 6
Cowbow Hat
Someone was knocking against the wooden door of her house early that morning. Chelsea didn't realize what was going on until she sgot out of her bed, slipping into her fuzzy pink slippers and walked towards the door. She reached out for the knob slowly but before twisting it, she rubbed her eyelids a little bit.
She was really tired after coming home passed two in the morning. It was all just a blur to her what had happened actually, thinking it was just a dream. Finally, she twisted the handle and opened it slightly.
"Good Morning" she said sheepishly. The sun was barely up in the sky yet but she could see that it was already starting to get bright.
"Like you asked me to" a familiar voice came from in front of her.Chelsea was still trying to adjust her vision. AS she did, she saw a tall figure, dressed in mostly black clothing. She looked from bottoom-up. From those good looking cowboy boots to his black cowboy hat, her vision became clear.
"To come here at
:iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 1 0
Lest We Forget by AsianBunnyZ7 Lest We Forget :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 6 0 Kira's Dress by AsianBunnyZ7 Kira's Dress :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 4 7 Kohana Chibi Sketch by AsianBunnyZ7 Kohana Chibi Sketch :iconasianbunnyz7:AsianBunnyZ7 4 2


waaaaa by Pacthesis waaaaa :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 2,990 567 I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Icecream by Lightningbutterflies I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Icecream :iconlightningbutterflies:Lightningbutterflies 13 13 Hell Bunny by Lightningbutterflies Hell Bunny :iconlightningbutterflies:Lightningbutterflies 12 2 Our Little Place by LiveLaughLove190 Our Little Place :iconlivelaughlove190:LiveLaughLove190 9 3 Little Thief  by LiveLaughLove190 Little Thief :iconlivelaughlove190:LiveLaughLove190 14 5 Ferris Wheel by LiveLaughLove190 Ferris Wheel :iconlivelaughlove190:LiveLaughLove190 2 0 Whatchu Lookin' At? by LiveLaughLove190 Whatchu Lookin' At? :iconlivelaughlove190:LiveLaughLove190 11 0 Princess by zeiva Princess :iconzeiva:zeiva 4,218 187 Rena and Keiichi by KitKeyShy Rena and Keiichi :iconkitkeyshy:KitKeyShy 3 13 Allen walker by KitKeyShy Allen walker :iconkitkeyshy:KitKeyShy 11 9 The Amazing Spiderman by DavidDeb The Amazing Spiderman :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 1,640 117 Cycling by Maman-Ourse Cycling :iconmaman-ourse:Maman-Ourse 8 0
Clumsy Confessions
Reina dragged Phillip to the tree in the middle of Konohana near Yun's Tea House. She seized her footsteps leaving an awkward silence between them.
"Reina, what did you want to talk about?" Phillip asked. Reina turned around revealing her tomato red face.
"W-What do you think of me?" He held back a chuckle at the sight of Reina's bashful behavior. And with a sweet smile he replied:
"To be honest, I think you're cute." Her grayish-green eyes widened and if possible her face got even redder. "I love your cooking, your personality, and your passion. I love everything about you, Reina." Reina felt her knees becoming jelly. Her heart was racing and her face was on fire.
She did the only thing she could: run home. And on the way she runs clumsily, nearly tripping, making Phillip's chuckles escape.
:iconxnocturnallightx:XNocturnalLightX 20 5
New Experiences
"I've beaten Team Galactic and won the title of Sinnoh Champion, but what do I do now?" I asked. I was eating breakfast with my two friends, Barry and Lucas, at the Pokemon Center after staying overnight. However, I was the only one not eating breakfast, my eyes bored holes into my Pokemon Charms cereal and I ignored the pleas of my stomach. By now my cereal was probably soggy anyways. Barry frowned at this.
"Please eat, Dawn." I glanced up from my cereal to look into his citrine eyes; I could see my pitiful look in the reflection. How could I not be? My journey that seemed so long nearly a year ago was finally over, and I'm not even twenty yet! Lucas must be upset too, he'll be back in the lab again doing nothing. Barry let loose a heavy sigh and put a free hand into his pocket.
"I wasn't going to tell you and Lucas this till we got back to Twinleaf Town, but if this'll cheer you both up…" He paused. Lucas and I leaned in to get a glimpse of what was in his pocket. Then he pulled
:iconxnocturnallightx:XNocturnalLightX 45 9
Flower Festival
Summer 10th was a special day in the town of Bluebell, the day where everyone would pass out flowers. This little festival was mainly celebrated among young adults. I'd be participating as well.
In the town square I took a glance over at my "rival's" farm. "Brother, I got you a flower!" Ash smiled and took the flower before pulling her into a small hug. "Thank you, Cherry. Oh- what's this behind your ear?" He said with a wink and a smirk as he reached behind her ear. When his hand pulled away, Cheryl giggled as Ash handed her a flower.
To my right I saw Georgia blushing furiously in front of Kana the owner of the pet shop in Konohana. "P-Please accept this!" Kana hesitated, unsure of what to do since he was not accustomed to what Bluebell celebrated. Georgia looked as if she had the urge to hide under a rock and die. But, that was immediately replaced when Kana took the flower and smiled shyly.
I walked towards Howard's Café where I could see my favorite shop. My face began to hea
:iconxnocturnallightx:XNocturnalLightX 27 7
Pretty Rose Shower
Fandom: Harvest Moon-Tale of Two Villages
Pair: Lillian/Cam
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, other than the laptop I'm writing on. And this summary.
OMG. I actually LIKE a boy/girl couple. THE WORLD'S ENDING. EVERYONE RUN.

Bluebell was the host of a grand celebration.
Its flocks and crops were abuzz with the shades of happiness. Autumn leaves were radiant with orange rhapsody, crops sang with amber brown merriment, and birds fluttered on scarlet daybreak. Love had the world showered in ethereal romance, transforming Bluebell into a sight to treasure.
Its villagers were alive with song, attending to their daily business with the lightest of hearts. Without any reason at all, shop owners and crop guardians hummed to themselves. Many of them sang right along with the birds. The world was showered in rapturous serenity, and had neve
:iconluna-bell07:Luna-Bell07 14 4



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Hey Guys!!

So um, yeah---Summer Camp is just around the corner for me. I'm leaving for Vernon on Saturday, July 7th till the 27th of July. So I'm pretty much gone for the whole month :XP: I won't be able to post any devitations this month (with the exceptions for this week??)  but hopefully I will in August---unless the weather decides to be my best friend then it will be very slow for me to update anything~ :dummy:

Other than that, I was hoping to finally do commissions :D Yaaay~ MAYBE I'm not exactly sure if I should or not, I'm still sort of debating. :dummy: If I do, I will make a journal about it. I'm hoping for next month before school starts up so yeah---that's pretty much it .


Geez, Canada Day was fun yesterday, though I spent most of my time in the U.S for shopping XD I got these cute pair of shoes---- They're red and white :) Proud to be Canadian, eh? hahaha (but they remind me of Lou :heart: which reminds me of my crush :heart:---who's in Utah right now D: I hope to see him at camp) But when I came back for the fireworks in Canada, it was delayed!! Because stupid people decided to watch directly under the fireworks, where they we're set up. So the display was delayed, unfortunately  D: I was waiting all day for it...

Love you tons~! :heart:


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